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Shower door hardware FAQ

General Questions

Because the price relates to many factors, such as material & quantity .After we confirm your detail request, we will offer you exact quotation.

Please reach out to our sales team(info@shower-hardware.com), they will assist you in completing the order

Our standard delivery time ranges from 30 to 35 days. However, if the desired goods are available in our stock, delivery can be expedited to approximately 7-10 days

Of course, if there is branding on the packaging that requires printing, you will need to provide an authorization letter.

We ship most order if size and weight permit. We will recommend you the best transport option (air, express or sea, rail)

Of course. We can do the OEM and ODM.

Of course. samples are available free

We specialize in manufacturing brass shower hinges, glass clamps, door handles, shower door roller,and comprehensive sets of shower hardware.

Our products are mainly sold to shower factories or wholesalers in Europe and America.

Shower Door Hardware

The selection of material for the product is contingent upon your specific requirements and preferences, along with the intended usage and environmental conditions. For instance, when it comes to bathroom hardware accessories, options like stainless steel, copper, and aluminum alloy are commonly available due to their corrosion resistance, ensuring prolonged durability and upkeep. Moreover, factors like aesthetics, affordability, and sustainability should also be taken into consideration.

Shower door hardware refers to the metal fittings and components used for installing, operating, and decorating Shower enclosure doors. These hardware components include door handles, hinges, head, seal strip, door bumper, and other metal parts used for supporting and securing doors. Bathroom door hardware is typically made from corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, etc., to ensure long-term usage without rusting or damage in the damp bathroom environment.

If you are skilled at DIY, you can definitely do this. We offer a complete set of shower hardware accessories along with glass dimension diagrams. You just need to order the glass separately.

Adjustable Shower Hinges Glass To Glass 180 Degree Bevel Corner Matte Black