90° Shower Door Hinge

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About this product:

  • Material:Forged Solid Brass
  • Glass Thickness:3/8” (10mm) to 1/2” (12mm) Tempered Glass
  • Stainless Steel Hardened Coil Springs and Pin
  • 90° Glass to Glass Shower doors Hinge
  • Self-centering within 15 degrees from closing position
  • Reversible 5 ° Pivot pin Optional
  • Snap-on covers Conceal Screws Available
  • Available in Several Popular Finishes
  • 2 Hinges/90 lb,3 Hinges/130 lb
  • Open/Close tested to at least 100,000 cycles

The Shower Hinge Gasket are available in variety materials:PVC/Rubber/Asbestos free asbestos.
Accessories – Gaskets, Stainless steel mounting screws, Allen wrench.

Standard Reversible Pivot Pin: Each Shower Hinge contains a Reversible Pivot Pin. One side of the Pin is marked at 90 degree. The opposite side of the Pin is marked 85 degree. Standard Shower Hinges come with the 90 degree side activated. Pre-Set Models come with the Pin pre-set for 85 degree (5 degree tighter closure into shower interior).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Quality Standards and After-Sales Service?
A: Our shower hardware adheres to European and American export standards, with a maximum warranty of 10 years.

Q: Compatibility of Shower Hinges with Glass?
A: MAXGO hinges are compatible with the vast majority of shower enclosures, suitable for 6-12mm glass.

Q: Customization and Design Capabilities?
A: We offer OEM and ODM services, supported by a professional team specializing in shower room design.

Q: Pricing and Service Capabilities?
A: We serve over 100 shower room manufacturers and shower hardware distributors, ensuring competitive pricing.

Q:How do we import goods?
A:We have abundant experience in exporting, and we can offer DDP services to most countries.