Adjustable Standard Duty Shower Hinge Wall to Glass Square Corner Offset Back Plate With Snap-on Cover & Concealed Screws

Adjustable Wall Mount Offset Back Plate Hinge

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About this product:

  • Material:Forged Solid Brass
  • Glass Thickness:3/8” (10mm) to 1/2” (12mm) Tempered Glass
  • Stainless Steel Hardened Coil Springs and Pin
  • Adjustable 90 Wall Mount Hinge Offset Back Plate
  • Self-centering within 15 degrees from closing position
  • Snap-on covers Concealed Screws
  • Available in Several Popular Finishes
  • 2 Hinges/90 lb,3 Hinges/130 lb
  • Open/Close tested to at least 100,000 cycles

The Shower Hinge Gasket are available in variety materials:PVC/Rubber/Asbestos free asbestos.
Good for troubleshooting off angled walls or use with latch jambs
Industry standard fits typical glass cutout templates both mouse ears and square corner
Accessories – gaskets, stainless steel mounting screws, allen wrench

The Adjustable hinge Series can be adjusted to accommodate the desired angle after the door is installed. Once the door is hung, simply loosen the Allen set screws and move the door to the desired closed position. By tightening the Allen screws, the door will self-center to the desired closing position. For doors pulling snugly against the jamb.